Mahkota Medical Centre launches a PinkCare Package to empower women to take charge of their breast health

MELAKA, 8 MARCH 2023 – Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC), one of the largest and most comprehensive tertiary private hospitals in Southern Peninsular Malaysia, proudly announces the launch of the PinkCare eCard package in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

The PinkCare eCard is an exclusive package designed to make breast cancer screening and early detection more accessible and affordable, so that women can take charge of their health. Women aged 40 and above can purchase the package through the MMC website ( The package consists of ultrasound and digital mammogram screening, a personal breast care nurse navigator, breast care education provided throughout the journey and supported by a comprehensive breast team.

The multidisciplinary team includes breast surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, pathologists, nurse navigators, nurse care coordinators, pharmacists, physiotherapists and dietitians, all working together to offer the best care to patients.

Women who sign up for the PinkCare eCard can also enjoy free COVID-19 testing, discounts on specific health screening packages, products at retail pharmacies, and our Bread Basket, all of which are valid for two years.

Teo Chin Yee, Deputy CEO of Mahkota Medical Centre, shared, “PinkCare aims to empower women to take charge of their breast health which is inclusive of a dedicated nurse navigator, someone who walks with you throughout the patient journey. Our nurse navigator is in charge of assisting you in scheduling your breast screening appointments, liaising with a specialist if a lump is found, and responding to any questions or concerns our patients may have. To put it simply, our nurse navigator provides a shoulder to lean on for every woman who walks through our door for better breast health.”

“Almost 50% of breast cancer cases in women had no known risk factors, suggesting that screening is the only method for detecting the condition. The benefit of getting treatment at MMC is having a comprehensive breast team who will be present throughout the patient journey,” said Dr. Ho Pey Woei, Breast Surgeon of Mahkota Medical Centre. Although each individual in the team holds a distinct responsibility, they work cohesively to provide the best possible outcome for each patient.”

Krishnavani, Nurse Navigator of Mahkota Medical Centre shared, “My role as a nurse navigator is to guide patients and be a friend throughout their journey. From diagnosis to recovery, I offer assistance to those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. For example, referring a patient who needs dietary advice and post-surgery care.”

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