Mahkota Medical Centre collaborates with Chongqing Medical University to bring HIFU technology learning to an international community

Melaka, 16 November – Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC), the first medical facility in Malaysia to introduce the ultrasound-based high-intensity focused ultrasound (USgHIFU) technology, collaborated with Chongqing Medical University to train 25 international clinicians. These clinicians from 11 countries were exposed to the new HIFU technology, providing them with hands-on experience using non-invasive equipment.

“The Third International Training Workshop on Focused Ultrasound Therapy for Tumours” trained these specialists on this revolutionary treatment option for uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. The HIFU technology’s non-invasive feature preserves a woman’s fertility with no blood loss and transfusion, leaves no scars and has been proven to have a shorter recovery time.

This training workshop spanning two weeks, was led by Dr S. Selva, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, and Reproductive Medicine Specialist of MMC. Participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, and Tanzania will be exposed to lectures and practical training on the HIFU system and software.

Participants who complete the training workshop will be granted course-completion certificates issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China – the workshop sponsor. This training session possibly bridges the treatment gap, as women from these 11 countries stand a chance to benefit from this treatment.

Dr S. Selva, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, and Reproductive Medicine Specialist of MMC, shared, “As the first hospital to introduce ultrasound-based HIFU technology in the country, we are happy to be able to provide this option to women in Malaysia and globally. Since its availability in July 2021, we have treated over 300 women not only from Malaysia but international patients from Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan. I hope this technology and this workshop will propagate this technology globally, enabling more women to preserve their fertility and achieve their dreams of becoming mothers.

Mr Liu Hua, L1 Investigator, Division of Integration and Planning, International Cooperation Department of China Ministry of Science and Technology, said, “This innovative medical device and advanced treatment technology will enable people all over the world to enjoy the non-invasive results. While the device is cutting-edge, it is equally important to have the right skill set and knowledge transfer. With this international training course, the specialists can upskill themselves on medical innovations that will improve outcomes for women suffering from adenomyosis and uterine fibroids.”

Dato’ Dr Balanathan a/l Kathirgamanathan, President of the Obstetrical & Gynaecology Society of Malaysia, shared, “Malaysia is well known for its high standard of healthcare and providing one of the best medical services globally. This achievement is evident in the country’s prominent medical tourism industry. As such, it is within our responsibility and nature to keep abreast of the latest technological advancements.

“As the President of the Obstetrical & Gynaecology Society of Malaysia, many of my peers have shared that their patients have their fair share of concerns regarding traditional treatment for adenomyosis and uterine fibroids. Even if the surgical treatment is minimally-invasive, the outcome may disrupt their fertility or day-to-day activities, such as productivity at work or family commitments. Now, with HIFU, we can address most of these concerns, mitigating patients’ apprehension towards getting treated.”

Mr Stanley Lam, the CEO of MMC, said, “MMC is grateful to work closely with our key partners in co-organising this training workshop, boosting the knowledge of HIFU among a broader health workforce to bolster treatment services and support for women’s health. Addressing the health concerns among local and international communities has always been our top priority. Following this workshop, MMC hopes to encourage many more women with gynaecological issues to opt for HIFU treatment.

“We look forward to conducting similar training sessions, where local hospitals in Melaka, such as MMC, contribute to the global health landscape, elevating Malaysia’s healthcare services.”

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