Medical appointments has never been easier

Explore the benefits of seeing your doctor online

  • Convenient and flexible
    Convenient and flexible

    Get treated without traveling to the hospital and wait for your appointment. You can also get medication delivered to your doorstep.

  • Time and cost saving
    Time and cost saving

    No more worrying about your journey to the hospital and dealing with the hassle of traveling.

  • Safety and privacy
    Safety and privacy

    Consult a doctor in the privacy of your home, limiting your exposure to infections from commuting or at the hospital.

Getting started

Book your appointment at the comfort of your home

Begin your journey by selecting a doctor with virtual consultation option in their profile.

Our virtual consultation coordinator at +6011 5128 8599 is available to help you prepare for your virtual consultation. MCs will not be provided for any online consultation session.


Ensuring a smooth virtual consultation experience

Things to consider when you are making a virtual appointment with your doctor.

  • Recommended for follow-up appointments
    Recommended for follow-up appointments

    It is recommended that first-time patients schedule a physical appointment as the doctor might need to examine your condition in-person first.

  • Doctor’s availability for virtual consultation
    Doctor’s availability for virtual consultation

    Not all doctors are available for online consultation. This option will be visible in the doctor’s profile for you to check.

  • Upfront payment
    Upfront payment

    You will need to pay the consultation fees in advance to secure your appointment. This is to ensure you are committed to the appointment booked.

Virtual consultation guide

Learn how to set up a virtual appointment

Our virtual consultation experience is designed to be accessible to everyone so that you can talk to your doctor online, no matter age, background or technical experience.

Watch this video on how to set up a virtual appointment with the doctor of your choice.

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Making your virtual session more valuable

Things to note for an effective virtual consultation

  • Fully functional devices
    Fully functional devices

    Test your devices such as webcam and microphone to ensure they are working properly prior to the session.

  • Fully charged devices
    Fully charged devices

    Ensure your devices are fully charged or they are plugged into a constant power source.

  • Reliable internet connection
    Reliable internet connection

    Ensure the Internet speed of your space is at least 3Mbps. You can test your internet speed here.

  • Distraction free zone
    Distraction free zone

    Make sure your surroundings are quiet and comfortable so that you can focus on your consultation.

Common questions about virtual consultation

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    If you have any medical records from previous consultation such as MRI scans, CT scans, blood test report etc. Do prepare them and keep it beside you during the session for easy access if needed.

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After the consultation

Getting your medication delivered to your doorstep

Your doctor may prescribe you some medication. If you choose to have it delivered, we will dispatch the medication from our hospital pharmacy.