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Breast cancer is by far the most common form of cancer affecting women in Malaysia. According to the Breast Cancer Foundation Malaysia, about 1 in 27 women in Malaysia is at risk, compared to 1 in 8 in Europe and the United States.

This is the critical first step in providing the best treatment possible for any disease. For breast cancer, if a screening mammogram detects a concern or abnormality, a diagnostic mammogram will be required. Digital mammograms play an important role in the early screening of breast cancer disease due to their ability to accurately show changes in breast tissue before you or your physician’s ability to feel them.

Screening mammography

Screening mammography is a type of breast imaging that uses low dose x-rays to detect cancer early and diagnose breast cancer typically in women. It’s recommended to get a screening mammography every year for women, beginning at age 40. Research has shown that annual screening mammograms lead to early detection of breast cancers when they are most curable and breast-conservation therapies are available.

Why digital mammograms?

At Mahkota Medical Centre, we use digital mammography to allow our radiologists to capture and manipulate the images so abnormalities can be seen more easily. The procedure performed is the same as a standard mammogram.

Digital mammogram, also known as full-field digital mammography (FFDM), has an ergonomic design that will be less painful, more comfortable and anxiety-free. The new feature of Contrast-Enhanced Spectral Mammogram (CESM) provides normal mammography examination with additional contrast media injection which helps to provide high-quality clinical images to display a picture of the interior of the breast for the clearest and accurate images for the diagnosis of the disease.


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