Board of Visitors

Purpose of the Board of Visitors

  • To review and make recommendation to the Management on fostering good relationship between the hospital and the community and ensuring public participation in Mahkota Medical Centre’s activities.
  • To address patients grievances and bring the needs of the community to Mahkota Medical Centre’s attention.
  • To organize visits at Mahkota Medical Centre in identifying and gathering data on patient’s feedback.
  •  To act as an intermediary between private hospitals and the community to enhance the private hospital image, alternative channel for any feedback to the private hospital.
  •  To be involved in the private hospital activities i.e. blood donor campaign, to assist on donations and community services.
  • Not allowed to interfere on private hospital management/administration and patient care.
  • Ensure compliance with the Lembaga Iklan Ubat guidelines.


  • The BOV is lead by a chairman and co-chairman and its members are appointed by the Minister of Health. The CEO is an ex-officio member of the committee and the main function of the CEO is to represent the interest of PCMC.
  • The BOV members shall consist of members with various backgrounds and with an extra ex-officio member as explained further below.
  • Minimum 8 members and less than 20 members.
  • The BOV members are appointed by the Minister of Health with a tenure of 3 years, after which new members can be reappointed.
  • The Health Minister has the right to reject, nominate and appoint the Mahkota Medical Centre’s BOV members and will choose the BOV members from among active and respectable members of the community.

Organization Chart

Contact us You can contact our BOV member at above email addresses.