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The Nursing Department is the backbone of patient care services at Mahkota Medical Centre. The department is headed by the General Manager for Patient Services and assisted by two Assistant Division Heads for Nursing Operations and Clinical Nursing respectively.

In the wards, there are two Nursing Managers who are in charge of the critical and non critical units. They work closely with a team of experience Head Nurses and Nurse Clinicians. They are in charge of all the staff nurses, hospital assistants, medical technicians and hospital aides.

The Nursing Department is geared towards providing comprehensive nursing services that are of the highest quality. The nurses assist and support the doctors in carrying out their duties. They promote a personal touch in their care for patients. This helps the patients to recover faster and hence shortens the length of hospital stay.


Up-to-Date Training

The Management created the post of Nurse Clinician in each ward to teach, guide, mentor and train the junior nurses to enhance their knowledge, promote confidence and competency skills.

Besides their service commitment, the nurses constantly upgrade and update their knowledge and practices. The Nursing Department subscribes to lifelong education for the nursing personnel. As such, the department regularly conducts training courses for both basic as well as specialised nursing care.

Programmes offered by the department include Code Blue training courses, preparatory courses for Hospital Aides, Operating Theatre Medical Technicians and management courses for Nursing Supervisors. Continuous Nursing Education sessions are held weekly to update the nurses’ skills and knowledge. Our specialists will also assist in giving Medical and Surgical talks.


Education Equipped

In addition, Mahkota Medical Centre sponsors students to undergo nursing courses as well as provides sponsorships for nursing staff to pursue Post Basic and Degree programmes.


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