Pelayanan Klinis

Mahkota Medical Centre (MMC) prides itself as having several centres that offer specialized care in areas such as: 

Pusat Kecantikan
Katerisasi Jantung
Pusat FarmasiThe pharmacy offers comprehensive range of prescription and non-prescription medicines.
Rawatan Harian KemoterapiThe Chemotherapy DayCare specializes in cancer management.
Pusat Penelitian Klinis
Unit Prosedur HarianA specialist unit that offers a range of diagnostic and surgical procedures, carried out on an out-patient basis.
Klinik GigiThe dental centre offers a range of orthodontic as well as oral and maxillofacial services to the community.
Diabetic Clinic
RadiologiThe Diagnostic Imaging Centre provides a full range of services to provide high quality diagnostic scans.
Perawatan Dialysis / Cuci DarahThe purpose of dialysis treatment is to enable individuals suffering from kidney failure to continue a normal lifestyle.
Pusat Layanan NutrisiThe dietitians will assist you in recommending a balanced meal related to individual medical condition.
Klinik Malam
Pemeriksaan KesehatanThe Health Screening Centre provides health assessments for foreigners and locals alike to understand their health profiles.
Bayi TabungThe In-Vitro Fertilization Centre provides advanced techniques to increase the chances of pregnancy.
LaboratoriumThe laboratory provide rapid and accurate laboratory test for all in and outpatients.
PatologiThe pathology provides the study of diseases in cells.
RadioterapiThe radiotherapy department is dedicated towards providing high quality and cost effective cancer treatment.
FarmasiProviding convenience and quality health and medical products.


Stay Healthy with MMC Today!

Let us help you with a confidential assessment now. We welcome all referrals by hospitals consultants, general practitioners and dental practitioners, as well as patient self-referral. Referrals should ideally be accompanied by a letter citing all relevant medical history, current treatment, test results and medications.

We do conduct nutrition education talks for individuals and corporate sector. Do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Department for more information and schedule of the talks.