Garis Panduan untuk Pelawat & Peneman Pesakit Dalam (Dikemaskini pada 26 April 2022)

  1. Visitors
    1. Short visitation of up to a maximum of 20 minutes is allowable. Visitation is allowed only during the visiting hours of 1pm to 2pm, and 5pm to 6pm.
    2. The visitors may enter the room singly or in pairs. Each inpatient is limited to a maximum of 4 visitors during each visiting period. However, the in-charge nurse has the right to reduce the number of visitors if there is an immuno- compromised patient in the same room.
    3. Visitors must be asymptomatic, fully vaccinated, no recent close Covid contact, and above 12 years old.
    4. Each visitor must perform hand sanitisation and be properly masked before entering the patient room.
  2. Companion
    1. Only ONE companion per patient is allowed and he/she must abide with the rules as in item 3.0
  3. Rules for the companion:
    1. The companion must be asymptomatic and do a RTK antigen test on initial entry to the ward.
    2. On Day 4, the asymptomatic companion needs to repeat the RTK antigen test, which can be spared if he/she did not breach 3.3 or 3.4
    3. The companion is allowed short exit from the ward but should not leave the hospital compound. Short exit is limited to three (3) times a day with duration of less than thirty (30) minutes each. Each exit and return must be logged by the Security Guard during the operating hours (8am to 8pm) or Ward Nurse at night (8pm to 8am).
    4. If the companion has a compelling reason to take a home leave, he/she must make an application with the In-charge Nurse. This long exit is limited to a maximum of six (6) hours and allowed for one (1) time within the three (3) days of RTK validity.
    5. If a different companion takes over the patient’s accompaniment, he/she shall be subjected to the same rules that apply to the companion.
  4. The companion status will be cancelled for violation of any items 3.1 to 3.5. To resume the companion status a new RTK antigen test is required.
  5. The companion is required to fill up the Inpatient Companion Application form for each initial entry. The application can be made before, during or after admission.