Guideline for Inpatient Visitors & Companions (Updated on 1 Dec 2021)

In view of the COVID-19 situation in our country, we wish to continue our stringent measures to safeguard our patients, visitors and healthcare personnel.

  1. Visitor
    1. Strictly NO visitors at any time for any inpatient.
    2. Limited exception with proper supervision may be considered for the critically ill patients.
      1. Only a limited number of next-of-kin are allowed to enter, one at a time with face shield, mask and are required to perform hand sanitisation. Each one is limited to a maximal duration of 15 minutes. Visitor must do RTK test if not under time constraint.
  2. Companion
    1. NO companion is allowed. Exception may be considered upon application for a highly dependent patient such as:
      1. Children and adolescents
      2. Maternity patients
      3. Patients with a significant difficulty of mobility
      4. Disorientated or mentally confused patients
    2. Rules for the companion:
      1. The companion must be asymptomatic and do a RTK antigen test on initial entry to the ward.
      2. On Day 8, the asymptomatic companion needs to repeat the RTK antigen test, which can be spared if he/ she did not breach 2.2.3 or 2.2.4.
      3. The companion is allowed short exit from the ward but should not leave the hospital compound. Short exit is limited to three (3) times a day with duration of less than thirty (30) minutes each. Each exit and return must be logged by the Security Guard during the operating hours (8am to 8pm) or Ward Nurse at night (8pm to 8am).
      4. If the companion has a compelling reason to take a home leave, he/she must make an application with the In-charge Nurse. This long exit is limited to a maximum of six (6) hours and allowable for one (1) time within the seven (7) days of RTK validity.
      5. f a different companion takes over the patient’s accompaniment, he/she shall be subjected to the same rules that apply to the companion.
    3. The companion status will be cancelled for violation of any items 2.1 to 2.2.5. To resume the companion status, a refresh RTK antigen test is required.
    4. The companion is required to fill up the Inpatient Companion Application form for each entry. The application can be made before, during or after admission.