Here at Mahkota Medical Centre, our healthcare facility is prepared to ensure your safety throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) which is set to end on 14th June 2021 at 11.59pm.

During the MCO period, Mahkota Medical Centre will remain OPEN and IN OPERATION with several precautionary put in place. Among the steps taken to ensure your safety during your visitation are:

  1. The opening of Main Lobby Entrance daily beginning 7 am until 8 pm.
  2. NO VISITORS will be allowed into the wards except caregivers for children and emergency cases.
  3. Practice social distancing as a precautionary measure at all times.
  4. Patients travelling to Mahkota Medical Centre are advised to bring along their appointment card or referral letter.
  5. Overseas patients are not allowed into the country until further notice from the Malaysian government.

(*Except for patients with Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council and approved by the Immigration Department of Malaysia. Kindly connect with our Customer Service +606 285 2999 for more information)


As a precautionary measure of COVID-19, please be informed that the COVID-19 Antigen Test is MANDATORY for all caregivers or companions of patients before entering the ward.

The caregiver or companion has to:

(a)          Repeat the COVID-19 Antigen Test if he or she has been tested for more than 7 days.


(b)          Undergo the COVID-19 PCR Test if he or she develops symptoms.

Those sending food or item to the patient are not allowed to enter the ward. However, they can be handed over to our security guard or nurse to be sent over to the patient.

Contact our Customer Service line, for further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding. Let’s continue to lookout for one another and together break the Covid-19 chain.

Identification of Covid-19 Warning Signs

If you experience 2 or more of the symptoms describes below, seek treatment immediately.

Shortness of breath

Cyanosis (purple blue lips or fingers), even when the patient is on oxygen

Oxygen saturation of less than 95%

Altered state of consciousness (inability in infants, lethargy in adults)

Frequent vomiting and diarrhoea

Unable to tolerate orally

Reduced urine output

Coughing up blood

Stay Safe During Covid-19

Stay at Home

Prevent the spread of Covid-19 by staying at home where possible. Let’s keep engaged at home, stay active, and learn something new.

Adhere to Visitation guidelines

While travelling between states and districts are banned, throw caution when making holiday visits and adhere to the 15 person-per-home limit.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Prevent the spread of COVID-19, basic protective measures put in place can protect you and others from infection. Washing your hands frequently is one of them. Regularly and thoroughly clean your hand with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Your hands are in contact with many surfaces and can pick up viruses. These viruses are transferrable to your eyes, nose and mouth. Practice good hand hygiene and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing plays a big role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Maintain at least 1 metre distance between yourself and those around you, especially when they cough or sneeze.

Practice Respiratory Hygiene

Practising good respiratory hygiene involves covering your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze and dispose the tissue responsibly.

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