Cancer Navigator Program

Allow us to assist your cancer care journey with the introduction of our Cancer Navigator, helping you make tough decisions throughout the cancer continuum.

What Do I Need To Know?

Providing a helping hand for patients is what we do in our Cancer Navigator Program.

Realising that chronic diseases such as cancer require a multi-stakeholder approach, our nurses will provide you the assistance you need in understanding more about your illness, treatment, and how to manage your cancer journey.

At Mahkota Medical Centre, we provide a cancer patient navigator service that aims to help cancer patients on their journey towards recovery. Their role is to personalise each individual’s needs, condition, treatment journey and help better manage their expectations.
Watch the video below to find out more:

What do we do?

Established this year, our Cancer Navigator Program aims to help you in your cancer journey by:

Providing Assistance

Providing you assistance in understanding more about your disease, prescribed treatment, side effects of treatment, and how to manage them.

Supporting Your Scheduling

Supporting the timely scheduling of appointments, diagnostic testing, and procedures.

Coordinate Continuous Care

Functioning as a member of an interdisciplinary team to assess, secure, and coordinate appropriate services through the continuum of care

Evaluate and Provide Feedback

Evaluating patients for psychosocial distress and feedback to attending physician for further management

Address Barriers

Address tangible barriers to care such as accommodation, transportation, visa extension, and much more

Coordinate Counselling/Screening

Coordinate patients & caregivers for cancer genetic counselling/screening

Promote Awareness

In consultation with other members of the healthcare team, promote awareness of clinical trials as appropriate

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