We are proud to announce Ultron as the Official Apparel Sponsor for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

ULTRON is a leading homegrown sportswear brand for general sports such as running, cycling, yoga, zumba, basketball, football, fitness and etc.

Officially launched in 2015, ULTRON made an impact in the Malaysian sports scene securing strategic collaborations with more than 80 sporting events to date. ULTRON also endorses a number of world-class athletes including SEA Games medalist Karen Yap, Neurovibe Yoga Founder Angeline Ong and AcroYoga Master Patrick Nolfo from Switzerland.

ULTRON’s tagline ‘Change the Game’- signifies the revolution it has created in the Malaysian sports scene by introducing locally designed and produced superior quality products at an affordable price whilst raising the awareness of a healthier lifestyle for a fitter nation.

ULTRON’s signature Micro-dry material offers lightweight 100% synthetic microfiber material and has been the favourite among many athletes, both amateurs and professionals.




We are proud to announce O’Seeker Food Industries Sdn Bhd as the Diamond Sponsor for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

O’Seeker Food Industries Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1984 and is the pioneer in the processing of brown rice powder which is 100% wholegrain. Their production is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to produce high absorption brown rice powder where a grain of brown rice is expanded at a certain temperature and timing until it disintegrates into powder.

Their products are a delicious part of a healthy lifestyle that embraces wholesome goodness and a sustainable planet. They have established Nature’s Own as the leading brand for instant brown rice powder while maintaining uncompromising standards in food safety and quality so as to bring health and energy to life.

They have diversified their business to produce other grains powder such as barley, oat, corn, millet, and etc.; which could be processed into flakes and powder form. They also provide contract manufacturing services (OEM). Their products are exported to Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK & China.

Nature’s Own products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets, mini markets, Chinese medical halls and selected pharmacies. Visit http://www.naturesown.com.my/ to find out more.



We are proud to announce MyORTHO as the Diamond Sponsor for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

MyORTHO is Malaysia’s Most Preferred FootCare Expert and the leading Orthotic Specialist Centre in Malaysia; engaged in the service and marketing of niche orthotics and foot care products. Poor foot posture such as flat feet, pronated feet, and high arches often results in foot, knee and back problems, it also causes hallux valgus, bunion, corns and calluses.  MyORTHO provides surgical free solutions to these painful chronic conditions.

Orthotic Therapy is a treatment regime which uses custom insert (insoles) for footwear; together with physiotherapy and rehabilitation, to correct the biomechanical dysfunction of the body caused by poor foot posture. Custom Orthotics, which are biomechanical medical appliances, function to realign and correct the positioning of the feet, ankle, knee, and hip. These will greatly reduce the stress on the muscles and ligaments in the body, resulting in a significant reduction of pain.

The ultimate aim of the MyORTHO Custom Orthotics would be to enhance one’s quality of life and to be able to perform daily activities pain-free. Visit http://myortho.com.my/  to find out more.


Diamond - Sebamed

We are proud to announce Sebamed Malaysia as one of our Diamond Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

Sebamed is a medicinal skin care system. Unlike other cosmetic products, Sebamed is developed as a system of prophylactic and regenerative skin care with excellent tolerability and efficacy in terms of disease prevention, basic care and in promoting the healing of damaged skin. Sebamed is regarded as the specialized product for sensitive and problematic skin and ideally suited to support therapy for skin diseases through the use of ingredients known not to be allergenic.
Sebamed products are tailored to the physiological pH5.5 of healthy skin, rather than ‘skin-friendly’ or ‘pH-neutral’. Sebamed is developed with Dermatologists, pharmacists and hospitals. Extensive research and testing on sensitive and problematic skin has been carried out.
Sebamed offers users additional benefits:
• Maintenance of the skin’s health
• Rebalancing of the skin’s ecological system
• Contribution to the prevention of skin diseases and premature aging
• Suitable for all skin types


We are proud to announce Justlife as one of our Diamond sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

“Is your body ready for the run? Aside from effective training session, nutritious dietary plan is equally important to fuel stamina and promote body recovery. Working with passionate and reputable producers, we offer quality organic and Earth-friendly products under one roof.”

Find out more about justlife™ at http://www.justlifeshop.com/ or follow them on https://www.facebook.com/justlifeshop/


PBMY - Logo

We are proud to announce Photobook Malaysia as the Gold Sponsor for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

Photobook Malaysia is the local site of Photobook Worldwide, an e-commerce company that provides premium printing services for Photo Albums and a wide range of various Photo Products. They began in 2005, and had quickly expanded to become the largest photo product company in Asia, as well as a key player across the globe. Photobook Worldwide currently holds offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia and the Philippines.

As an online printing service, they’re focused on making the entire process as simple and as versatile as possible without compromising on quality. Photobook Worldwide offers full creative control on their extensive range of photo products, enabling customers craft unique, intimate designs for all their most wonderful moments. It’s convenience in just a few clicks, creating fully personalisable Photo Books and more and having it delivered anywhere across the globe. Visit www.photobook.com.my to find out more.



We are proud to announce Zalora Malaysia as the Gold Sponsor for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

ZALORA is one of Asia’s leading online fashion destinations. It is the largest and fastest growing fashion focused e-commerce site in Southeast Asia. Founded in early 2012, their presence can be seen in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Offering an extensive collection of over 500 top international and local brands and designers, customers can shop from thousands of products across men’s and women’s fashion apparel, shoes, accessories, and beauty categories online. Visit https://www.zalora.com.my/ and start shopping!


Gold - Abbott Nutrition

We are proud to announce Abbott Nutrition as one of our Gold Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.


We are pleased to announce that Parkland Residence Sdn. Bhd as one of our Gold Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

Parkland Group is one of the well established property players in the Southern Region of Peninsular Malaysia and has until to-date completed various projects in Melaka, Muar, Gemas and Pontian. Among the properties developed by the Group includes landed residential houses, landed commercial shop office, high rise residential apartments, shopping complexes and fast food restaurant. To-date, the Group has successfully completed and handover 156units of residential houses, 234 units of commercial shops, 3 shopping complexes and 1 fast food restaurant.

The latest, one of the member of Parkland Group, i.e Parkland Residence SdnBhd has undertaken the project to develop 809 units service apartments at the town centre of Melaka, next to Sungai Melaka. The project has started since June 2016 and expected to complete on July 2019. Moving forward, Parkland Group aims to become one of the top 5 property branding in Melaka.

We are proud to announce Nestle as one of our Gold Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

“ Formed in 2011, Nestlé Health Science focus on advancing the therapeutic role of nutrition to change the course of health management for consumers, patients, doctors and nurses. We developed a range of delicious products and meal replacement that provide support for medical conditions where the role of nutrition is vital, ranging from diabetes, malnutrition, critical care and pediatric care”

Visit their website to find out more about their product at www.nestlehealthscience.my


We are proud to announce Equal as one of our Gold Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

“Eating Healthy Naturally with Equal Stevia. If you are looking for a natural and healthier alternative to sugar, try Equal Stevia. It’s a natural sweetener derived from the Stevia plant, which has been gaining popularity among the health conscious worldwide. It contains zero calories and is also suitable for weight watchers and diabetics, easy to use to sweeten your dishes, desserts and beverages. Equal Stevia is available as tablets (200s) and sachet sticks (40s) and can be found in leading supermarkets and pharmacies.”


Introducing our Silver Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016. Thank you for your support!


We are proud to announce SKECHERS as one of our Silver Sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

An award-winning global leader in the footwear industry, SKECHERS designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles of performance shoes for athletes and active individuals, lifestyle shoes for every age and demographic, and a dynamic collection of Kids’ shoes. SKECHERS’ diverse and high-quality product offering supported by strategic global marketing and innovative print and television advertising has brought SKECHERS countless fans from around the world.

For more information, please visit www.skechers.com.my and their various social network pages: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube: skechersmalaysia


NKS logo

We are proud to announce NKS Development Sdn Bhd as one of our Silver sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

Incorporated in 1984, NKS DEVELOPMENT SDN BHD (formerly known as Rekarang Development Sdn Bhd) started off as a building contractor specialising in building government and private projects. NKS achieved a new milestone in 1991 when it ventured into property development and never looked back. NKS became a member of the REHDA in 1994, and a member of the Master Builders Association Malaysia in 2002. In addition, NKS is classified as a G7 contractor by CIDB.

Spanning more than 3 decades in the construction and development arena, NKS has repeatedly proven itself in meeting the evolving needs, trends and demands of the people of Melaka. All developments that bear the NKS name can be assured of its quality finish and its focus to meet customers’ needs and comfort. NKS strives to continuously provide quality homes and commercial properties for all walks of live, and to uphold the pledge of its Company motto: “Building Homes For All”.

We are proud to announce Joy Advertising as one of our Silver sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

“Joy Advertising – JOY Advertising is the core business of JOYCHAN.

Having been in the business for the past two decades, we are proud to proclaim that we offer a wide range of advertising method to help your business thrive. Rest assured that we are committed to satisfy customer’s requirements with excellent designs, refined craftsmanship, prompt delivery and efficiency.

To design and manufacture signage of all types using quality materials, superior artistic values and excellent craftmanship according to its customers needs at fair and reasonable prices and also incorporating ethical values and standards into all business relationships.
“A Business with no sign is a sign of no business.”
To maintain market leadership through constant investments in using state-of-the-art technology in printing and sign crafts.”

Visit www.joy.com.my to find out more.


We are proud to announce CCM Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd as one of our Silver sponsors for Mahkota Charity Run 2016.

CCM Pharmaceuticals is principally engaged in the manufacturing, distributing, importing and exporting of pharmaceutical products and medicines. It is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer with nearly 300 products across a wide therapeutic group including analgesics, antibacterial, antihistamines and etc. CCMP also produces over-the-counter products under established brands such as Champs, Flavettes, Proviton, Naturalle, Uphamol, Eye Glo, Donna and Alucid. It is the first pharmaceutical company to obtain the world’s 1st Halal Pharmaceutical Certification based on MS 2424 in 2013. It is also awarded the Pharmaceutical Company of the Year by Frost and Sullivan for 2013 and 2016 under the Generics Drugs Category.