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Introducing the teleconsultation service from Mahkota Medical. We’re launching the service to make it easier to follow up with your doctor after your initial consultation.

You’ll be able to teleconsult with the following doctors for follow up appointments:

Cardiothoracic Surgery


General & Breast Surgery

General & Colorectal Surgery

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology / Hepatology

Internal Medicine & Haematology

Internal Medicine & Nephorology

Internal Medicine & Respiratory Medicine

Ophthalmology (Retina Service)

Obstetrics & Gynaecology – Reproductive Medicine / IVF

Paediatric & Neonatology

Please refer to the flowchart on the process for e-appointment.

1) How soon can I make my appointment?

You make your appointment a day in advance with your doctor.

2) What happens if I get disconnected?

You can reconnect back and you will be able to continue your appointment. If you’re disconnected for an extended period and the online consult room is not available, you can call us at +606 285 2999 for help.

3) Am I able to get prescribed medicine delivered to me after the appointment?

Yes, your doctor can prescribe you medicine in the appointment and we can have it delivered to you. The delivery time may vary depending on location.

4) How do I make payment?

Payment can be made via online banking, credit card or E-wallet including Boost and TouchNGo for Malaysian patients. For overseas patients, the payment can be made using debit/ credit card via FPX.

5) I am an overseas patient. Can I use this service?

Yes, you can use this service if you have previously consulted the doctor during a physical visit.